1975--Rear (west side) of lodge

Lodge in 2002

2002--West and south side of the lodge

Left-- the lodge lobby in 2002                                            Right--the lodge lobby in 1939

     In the 64 years since its construction only minor changes have been made to the lodge.  The building was re-roofed, the foundation sheathed in a wooden skirt, and, among other safety upgrades, a railing added to the porch.  The interior of the lodge looks much the same as it did in 1939. Horizontal pine paneling has been added to the walls, light fixtures installed, rough bark added above the fireplace mantel, and additional wooden beams installed to improve support of the second floor of the building.  However, none of these changes have altered the timeless feeling of the rustic building.

2002--Ed hosts the Wednesday night barbecue on the lawn in front of the lodge

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