Horse Corrals

Horse corral circa 1934
(Photograph courtesy of Susan Watson)

View of corral and fences

1950--Sunrise at the horse corrals

1952--Tack shed

1958--Corrals and upper meadow

1969--Corrals and tack shed
(Photograph courtesy of Susan Watson)

Horse corral and upper meadow


Dream Lake

      Dream Lake was constructed in 1932 by the Siffords who blasted out 90 tree stumps with black power and then cleared the lake bed with a Caterpillar tractor.  The lake was destroyed by flooding in the severe winter of 1937-38, and was rebuilt in 1939.  The dam was again washed out in the flood of 1952 and again rebuilt.

1934--Dream Lake
(Photograph courtesy of Susan Watson)

1972--Roy Sifford on Dream Lake
(Photograph courtesy of Susan Watson)


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