Guest Accommodations

    Guest tents at Drakesbad were canvas over pole frames with beds constructed of tamarack poles with cedar shingle slats and mattresses of straw tick (Notation in Sifford Scrapbook).

1920-1925--Guest tents

1922--Guest tents

1926--Prentiss and Stella de Veuve at their tent
(Photograph courtesy of Susan Watson)

1930--Gathering of guests

1936--Front of guest cabins
(EASTMAN'S ORIGINALS COLLECTION, D-51, Department of Special Collections, General Library, University of California, Davis)

1952--Rear of guest cabins

1975--Rear of guest cabin                                                           1975--Employee quarters  

2002--Rear of guest cabins

2002--Rear of guest cabins and two-story employee quarters. Log cook's cabin was located to left of employee quarters

2002--Duplex guest cabin constructed circa 1952

2002--Park Service Mission 66  cabins constructed in 1961


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